OSLSS Meating Chickens and Rabbits

chickens in nestboxFrom egg or doe to table, learn about raising, keeping, caring for, and harvesting chickens and rabbits in your backyard. Learn to dress out a bird and/or rabbit to take home for another day’s dinner. Then see the next step up in chicken harvesting… using cones and an electric plucker!

Raising rabbits is the first choice of many homesteaders because rabbit meat is fairly cheap and easy to produce in a very short time. And it’s cholesterol-free! Sample some in Margaret’s infamous lapin pot-pie during our pot-luck lunch.

EGGS-perience Chickens
… and Meat Rabbits
Saturday, Oct. 15 at Local Farm.

All our Old Style Life Skills Series workshops  take place in or near Cornwall, CT, run from 10:30 to 1:30 and include a pot-luck lunch. Suggested donation:$35/family.

To visit our blog for reports on past chicken workshops, click here.
To visit reports on past rabbit workshops, click here for our report on rabbits

Because the workshops are limited in size, registration, BEFORE each workshop, is required. To register, we ask for a $25 deposit in advance. Full suggested donation is $35/family. Please scroll down to register on-line.

OR contact Debra@Motherhouse.us or 860-672-0229.


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Registration is closed for this event.
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    […] In anticipation of hosting Motherhouse’s Old Style Life-Skills workshop, EGGSperience Chickens, we ordered 2 dozen meat birds from Hatchers’ Hatchery in PA. An excited call from the Post Office heralded their arrival, today.Inside the box were a straight run each of 12 Cornish Crosses and 12 Red Rangers. A “straight run” means the chicks have not been examined to determine their sex and the parcel includes both male and female chicks.Back at Local Farm, we opened the box. You can see the lighter colored Cornish Crosses on the left and the reddish Rangers in the compartment on the right.After transferring them into our brooder box under a heat lamp, Francisco dipped each chick’s beak into the waterer. He feels that showing the chicks how to drink will greatly increase their survival rate.Then he tapped the feed dish with his fingernail so it sounded like a hen eating and showing her chicks where to find food. It seemed to work and very soon the chicks were all chowing and drinking with abandon. .. growing up quick for the Oct. 12th Chicken EGGSperience! […]

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