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Motherhouse drum circle

Women’s Drum Circle

December 18 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

rest by hanging out with GrandpaTake a cue from Mother Nature. Slow down and rest during the cold and dark of winter in order to greet the spring with renewed vigor.

We recommend following Woodchuck Wisdom and do not offer any of our regular Old Style Life-Skills Series of workshops during December, January, and February. Instead of packing the family in a car to drive to an activity; stay home, snug in your burrow with your loved-ones. Encourage your children to share their favorite music, show, or game (even video games!) and REALLY listen, watch, participate and appreciate them. Fix a meal together and savor the preparation as well as the results. Eat by candlelight. Write letters together. Take a long salt and soda bath. Read a book. Sit by the window in a comfortable chair and watch the world outside. Consciously cherish yourself, your family, your life. Breathe…

Motherhouse – A Time… A Place… A Support… for Nurture
making connections with Self, Family, Community, and our Mother Earth

from cow to butter

See our Camp Eureka scrapbook report on how we made butter; from milking a cow, to separating cream, to churning, and so much MOOre!!!


Camp Eureka campers raise their hand-carved wooden spoons in triumph after an afternoon Lost Arts workshop with Joe Brien.

carved wooden spoons

From cornfield to freshly baked corn bread …discover, appreciate, and understand the world through immersive education, multi-generational contact, and creative exploration of farm and nature… at CAMP EUREKA