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Incorporated in 2003, Motherhouse is a non-profit tax exempt organization. So we can continue to offer great events at family-friendly prices, please

Please make all checks payable to Motherhouse and mail to:

Motherhouse, Inc.
P.O. Box 184
Cornwall, CT 06753


Your ideas, energy, time, and gifts help Motherhouse thrive. Your support and input is greatly appreciated. Contact Us
about volunteering opportunities!

Heartfelt Thanks!

Heartfelt thanks to The Cornwall Foundation for granting us funds to develop a business plan, to Still the Homegrown Band for playing at our dances, to Mary-Lee Bell, Bianca Griggs, and Tom Levine for organizing our Bread Sales, to Rhonda Jaacks for maintaining MH Market, to Rachel Gall for calling New Moon Gatherings, to our workshop presenters, and to all of YOU who help us thrive with your generous donations of time, money and other resources.

Our Wish List

If you feel like helping make any of the following wishes come true, please contact:

Debra Tyler – Motherhouse Director
PO Box 184
Cornwall, CT 06753
(860) 672-0229

For the overall good of Motherhouse:

  • PR Person to work with newspapers, radio, etc. to announce upcoming events as well as reporting on past ones.
  • a 2013 brochure design and funds to print it
  • Willing Web Tutor/assistant who is familiar with WordPress and HTML
  • Farm Apprentice to work closely with MH director and workshop instructors to plan, prepare, and produce fruits, vegetables, herbs, beeswax, livestock, dairy products, etc. for workshops.
  • for Motherhouse Market:
  • Motherhouse Rep at the West Cornwall Farmers Market to offer MHMarket goods for sale, Bantam Bread, and Sprout Creek Cheese; to record sales; and to promote our workshops and other events.
  • Bread Order Taker and Pick-up Personnel to take orders by phone and pick up bread Friday night for Saturday morning farmers market.
  • Shop Keeper to set out items for sale at our 2nd Saturday Old Style Life-Skills Series workshops, handle and record sales, re-consolidate and put away items after each workshop.
  • Creative Problem Solver to help transform our former market website/now blog collection into an easily navigated part of Motherhouse.us
  • for our classroom at Local Farm:
  • Roll-up barn curtain wall(s) to close off workshop area during cold weather.
  • 2 sets of Weather-tight French window doors.
  • Insulated flooring
  • Materials and instructor’s fees for a workshop on plastering walls.
  • Volunteer plastering instructor
  • Overhead lighting and wiring
  • for our Feb.Family Cow Forum: past and present Family Cow Keeper panelists to share their experiences