OSLSS Bat Houses for Bug Zappers

fledgling batHurray hurray for the little brown bat!
She gobbles up insects and never gets fat.
Moths and mosquitoes face extermination
When she swiftly detects them by echolocation.

Encourage a bat colony…

to hang out near your home in your own-made bat house for all organic pest control. The amazing flittermouse can eat from 600 to 1000 mosquitoes/ hour! Discover more about them from bat enthusiast and DEEP wildlife rehabilitator, Linda Bowen. Work together as a family with Joe Brien to build a simple wooden bat house and learn how and where best to hang it. See Linda’s batty slideshow and continue networking over a pot-luck lunch. 10:30-1:30 Saturday, May 14 at the Local Farm barn. Suggested donation: $35/family. Because the workshops are limited in size, pre-registration and $25 deposit are REQUIRED! Please use the form below, or contact Debra@Motherhouse.us or phone 860-671-7945. (photo of large brown bat pups ready for release by Linda Bowen – www.bats101.info).

The Old-Style Life Skills Series (OSLSS) is a monthly series of workshops for the whole family devoted to rediscovering rural wisdom. Our mission in offering these classes and workshops is to foster self-sufficiency, neighborly interdependence, and sustainable agricultural practices.

This workshop about bats has been made possible, in part, thanks to a donation from Progressive Medicine, Litchfield, CT.


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