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Inspired by the book The Red Tent and ancient Jewish tradition, Motherhouse friend, Rachel Gall leads a monthly gathering for women of all ages on the day or evening of the new moon.

Meeting under a growing canopy of sewn-together red fabric scraps, women celebrate their fertility cycles and all creative endeavors with an unstructured time of food, music, dance, story-telling, or just hanging out.

Now! Since the arrival of Rachel’s daughter Darwin, we meet at noon. These informal women’s get-togethers are an opportunity to celebrate Life’s cycles and femininity. All women, all ages, and their dependents (you can define “dependent”) are welcome.

Now at NOON on the day of the New Moon.


Call Rachel for details at 860 824-8404.

Motherhouse Noon New Moon Gatherings
Motherhouse Noon New Moon Gatherings
Women to women, we encourage you to take the time of the new moon where ever you are to gather, relax, celebrate, rejuvenate, and honor yourselves.

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