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tnROUND is something a cherry is… a marble is… a song is, when it’s sung that way. To sing a round you need at least two people. That’s the point. Rounds are people collectors… the more the merrier!                                                                 – – – Jan Harmon

A round sing is when people get together and sing simple songs like “Row Row, Row Your Boat” or “Frere Jacques.” First we sing a song all together so we can learn it. Then we divide up into groups that start singing the same song at different times… The songs called “rounds” are written so that by singing them this way, the separate lines harmonize with each other. Depending on who attends, we sometimes tackle more difficult rounds or digress into summer camp songs or bawdy ballads. It is free. and usually goes from 7:30 til 9:00, either at the Local Farm barn in Cornwall Bridge, CT or at the Hughes Memorial Library on Lower River Road in West Cornwall.  Check our Events Calendar for specific dates of upcoming Round Sings.

For more information, please call Debra Tyler (860) 672-0229 or write   Some examples of rounds follow:

Friendship And Music

How great is the pleasure,
How sweet the delight
When friendship and music together unite
How great is the pleasure, how sweet the delight
When friends in song together unite
Sweet, sweet, how sweet the delight
When harmony, sweet harmony and fellowship unite.

Magical Power Of Rounds

Here’s to friendship, here’s to song,
Here’s to singing all night long.
Weaving our voices into circles of sounds,
Here’s to the magical power of rounds

Friends In The Night To Come

Friends in the night to come,
Dream of the rain and sun;
Dream of the work you’ve done and will do yet.
Let the words “I love you” echo the whole night through
Until you know it’s true and won’t forget.

Music Alone Shall Live

All things shall perish from under the sky
Music alone shall live, music alone shall live
Music alone shall live never to die

Bossy Cow

Ting, ting, tinkle, ting, tinkle, tinkle, ting
Here comes bossy cow tritzin’ down the lane
Good old Bossy cow, What does bossy bring?
Fresh milk for us all! Tinkle, tinkle, ting.

Make New Friends

Make new friends, But keep the old
One is silver and the other’s gold.