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The Old-Style Life Skills Series (OSLSS) is a monthly series of workshops for the whole family devoted to rediscovering rural wisdom. Our mission in offering these classes and workshops is to foster self-sufficiency, neighborly interdependence, and sustainable agricultural practices. As we thus rebuild cohesive community, we strengthen our families, and improve the lot of all mothers.

Please visit Our Blog to read first hand reports of previous workshops and join us on the second Saturday of every month!

All OSLSS workshops are scheduled from 10:30 until 1:30 with a pot-luck lunch and are $35 per family.  Because the workshops are limited in size, registration, BEFORE each workshop, is required. To register, please visit the link, write Debra@motherhouse.us or  (860) 671-7945.

2016 OSLSS Workshops

winter restALL THE REST
January 9 and February 13, 2016
Taking our cue from Mother Nature, we will be quietly resting during these times in order to greet the spring with renewed vigor.
BEEginning with Bees

March 19, 2016Learn about life in the hive of the honey bee. Buzz over the tools of beekeeping. Fire-up a bee-soothing smoker.  Watch how to install a package of bees. Hand dip beeswax candles. Share in a honey of a pot-luck.
April 9, 2016From darning socks to patching pants to replacing buttons, learn how to mend your clothes.  Start collecting your holey clothes now for a wholly satisfying workshop. Share mending tricks over lunch and go home with newly repaired wardrobe!
fledgling batsBAT HOUSE BUILDING
May 14, 2016
Learn about bats from enthusiast and DEEP wildlife rehabilitator, Linda Bowen. Work together as a family to build a simple wooden bat house and learn how and where best to hang it. See Linda’s slideshow of bats she’s known.

June 9, 2012


From egg to table, learn about raising, keeping, caring for, and killing chickens in your backyard. See a variety of poultry housing solutions. Dress out a bird to take home for another day’s dinner.

green apple jelly pectin

July 21, 2012


Preserve the sweet fruits of summer for year round enjoyment. Learn to make jam, jelly, preserves, and fruit butters. Take home the fruits of your labors.

August 11, 2012


Wyatt Whiteman will demonstrate methods of putting-food-by (preserving food) in glass jars. Learn when to use pressure canning or a hot water bath. Work as a group to prepare fresh produce and go home with a few jars so you can eat local all winter long.

September 8, 2012


Join us grinding corn at the Cornwall Agricultural Fair where we’ll also be selling freshly grilled sweet corn for lunch. Fair Admission is Free!


October 13, 2012


Celebrate the harvest season with a homegrown pie. Pluck a ripe squash, collect eggs, milk a cow, grind flour and render lard to make a delicious “pumpkin” pie from scratch.

A STITCHIN’ TIME Nov. 10, 2012

Learn to use our sewing machine or your own as you create an Amish-style covered dish carrier.

December 7, 2012Taking our cue from Mother Nature, we will be quietly resting during these times in order to greet the spring with renewed vigor.(HOME)

February 14: Rest
March 14: BEEginning with Bees
April 11:  WoolWorks
May 9:  HOPpening to Raise Rabbits?
June 14:  The Whey of CheesemakingJune 21:  Keeping A Family Cow
July 11: Jelly & Jam Session
August 8: Canning Bee
September 11:  Something Corny
September 19:  LACTO Pickle?September 26:  Keeping A Family Cow
October 10:  X=PI Making
November 14:  A Stitchin’ Time/ Pie Carriers
December 12:  A Time to Rest