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Activities for the whole family, however you define it, include evening Round Sings as a chance to sing simple melodies in a staggered way to produce harmonies and traditional New England Contra Dances with a teaching caller and homegrown music. Both are great fun for all ages requiring no previous experience.

Our Second Saturday Old Style Life Skills Series Workshops focus on the mainstays of country living while promoting rural wisdom, sustainable agriculture, self-reliance and neighborly inter-dependence.

At Motherhouse’s workshops on the care and keeping of A Family Cow, you can try your hand at milking; learn about finding, feeding, housing, fencing, breeding, and caring for your cow; make butter, soft cheese and ice cream; and go home with a slew of recipes and resource lists. For additional information about these workshops visit the Local Farm Web site.

Please visit Our Blog to read first hand reports of previous workshops and for more details about upcoming workshops. Also, check our Events Calendar for specific dates and times. For more information or to register for a workshop, please call Debra Tyler (860) 671-7945 or write