Board Meeting

In 2017, the Motherhouse Board of Directors will be meeting at Debra’s home for 12:00 lunch and business meeting on Saturdays; Jan 28, April 22, July 22, and Oct 28. During Board Meetings, we organize Old-Style Life Skills Series workshops, family dances, Meditation, Moon Gatherings, Eureka Farm Programs, Family Cow forums and other inspiring events [...]

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Bat Count: Help Scientists Help Bats

Join us for a bat count at the Local Farm barn in Cornwall, CT Saturday evenings; May 13, June 10, July 15, Aug 12, and Sept 9; we'll watch the evening bug zappers come out on their shift of mosquito and moth patrol. Starting with a 6:30 campfire pot-luck supper, the official watch and bat [...]

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Grow Your Own Meadow a la Kathy Connolly

Join landscape designer, Kathy Connolly for a two-hour seminar on how to establish and care for a flowering meadow in place of your lawn or empty lot. She will discuss the high ecological value of native plants and their role in supporting birds and pollinators. Learn about meadow ecology, native species, and helpful tools to [...]

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BeeKeeping Bee

Buzz on over to the Taghhannuck Grange Hall to bee with other beekeepers: novice, experienced, professional, and wanna-bees! Todd Shearer will talk about his experiences using top bar hives designed by the Barefoot Beekeeper, Alton Earnhart will demonstrate making bee candy and syrup to feed one's bees, Wyatt Whiteman will show his homemade solar wax [...]

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farm visit etiquette

Always remember that a farm is a place of work. Walk and speak in a quiet voice. Greet the farmer when you arrive. Never feed or pet any animals without the farmers permission. Do not climb on any gates, walls, trees, stairs, hay, or equipment without explicit permission every time you visit. Leave all gates [...]

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Homeschool Forum

Organized, on your request, our first ever Homeschooling Forum will include a panel of homeschooling parents and folks who have been/are being homeschooled, a pot-luck lunch, a presentation on book-making as a homeschoolers' tool, a brainstorming session of favorite places to go, things to do as a family and MORE! Our guest speaker, former principal [...]

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Earth Day Celebration

"IN COMMUNITY: WITH ONE ANOTHER AND THE EARTH" A Talk Circle with: Mary and Dan Gates, Sharon House Garden Project, Sharon, Conn. Sister Catherine Grace, Community of the Holy Spirit, Brewster, N.Y. Barbara Putnam, Transition Towns, Litchfield, Conn. Katherine Freygang, Cornwall Energy Taskforce, Cornwall, Conn. Betsy Fisher, Food of Life/Comida de Vida Pantry, Amenia Union, [...]

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Women’s Wisdom; Sacred Agriculture

Motherhouse and Bluestone Farm invite all women to join in a full day celebration of our connection to the earth through sacred agriculture. We'll share our personal farming stories, rituals, pea planting, pot-luck lunch, drumming circle and more. Bring a Pot-Luck dish to share, your own place setting, and any non-GMO seeds you’d like to [...]

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