OSLSS Lasagna from the Ground Up

Build a lasagna from scratch! Starting with harvesting garden fresh herbs and tomatoes, we'll cook up a great tasting sauce. Starting with milking a cow, we'll make mozzarella and farmers cheese to add to our layers. Starting with collecting eggs and gathering stalks of wheat berries to grind into flour, we'll make our own noodles. [...]

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OSLSS Putting Food By: Pickling, Drying, Smoking

Putting food by is an old expression for the many ways people prepared their harvest for storage before we had easy refrigeration. At this workshop we'll try our hands at a few tried-and-true methods of putting food by. We'll explore ways to encourage favorable microbes to help preserve food with pickling a la lacto-fermentation. We'll [...]

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OSLSS Compost and Soil Building

Compost is one of the easiest ways to increase tilth and better how your garden grows. Build a simple compost heap and a raised garden bed using a method called "Lasagne Gardening." Discuss green manure, vermiculture, and other ways to improve soil health. Go home with your own red wriggler worms to kick-start your compost [...]

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OSLSS Bat Houses for Bug Zappers

Hurray hurray for the little brown bat! She gobbles up insects and never gets fat. Moths and mosquitoes face extermination When she swiftly detects them by echolocation. Encourage a bat colony... to hang out near your home in your own-made bat house for all organic pest control. The amazing flittermouse can eat from 600 to [...]

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OSLSS DARN IT! Mending and Patching

Learn and share ways of mending clothes, from darning socks to patching pants to replacing buttons. For those interested in machine mending, we'll have a few of our tried-and-true sewing machines available for use. Start collecting your holey clothes now for a wholly satisfying workshop from 10:30 until 1:30, Saturday, April 9, 2016.  Share your [...]

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Learn to use a sewing machine to create a handy apron for kitchen or barbecue OR a (more complicated) covered-dish carrier. Brightly colored dish-towels from Natural Habitat are the perfect size for either project. We'll provide the towels and designs so you can make your own as a delightful gift to yourself or your loved [...]

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Sauerkraut, beet kvass, ginger carrots, kim-chee, traditional dill pickles, and other foods fermented with the help of lacto-bacillus are chock-full of health-supporting enzymes and probiotics. Learn how to make your own with Tal Hadani Pease as we hone our Old-Style Life-Skills of all-natural lacto-fermenting food preservation. 10:30-1:30, Saturday, Sept. 19 at Local Farm, 22 Popple [...]

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OSLSS The WHEY of Cheese-Making

From cow to cupboard, learn the basics of home cheese-making. After greeting the Local Farm cows, we'll discuss types of milk, rennet, heat, cultures and acid used in cheese-making, and then try our hand at making panier, mozzarella, fromage blanc, ricotta, and MOOre! Bring a cheesy dish to share for a pot-luck lunch. Go home [...]

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OSLSS HOPpenings: Raising Rabbits

Motherhouse's Old Style Life-Skills Series presents a workshop on raising rabbits. Meet at 10:30 to visit a local backyard rabbitry and then drive to Local Farm for more discussion, demonstrations, and a pot-luck lunch. Learn about breeding, raising, and harvesting your own meat rabbits. Talk with  experienced backyard rabbit raisers. Hear about Margaret's experiment tanning [...]

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OSLSS Get Your Goat & Sheep

Visit Rachel Gall,  her backyard flock of sheep and Camp Isabella Freedman's herd of dairy goats. Learn about raising and keeping both. Witness a fine example of neighborly cooperation in small livestock management. ....All our Old Style Life Skills Series workshops run from 10:30 to 1:30 and include a pot-luck lunch. Read blog reports on [...]

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