Drumming Up the Full Blossom Moon in 2017

Setting intentions Drumming up the moon Feasting Blossom-filled Full Moon Salad Sending intentions downstream Thanks to Vicki for use of her drums and to all who participated in a very... Good Night!CLICK to visit our post about Drumming up April's Full Pink Moon...  

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Drumming up the Full Pink Moon in 2017

A small but mighty group of drummers met at the Local Farm barn on April 11 to celebrate the rise of the Full Pink Moon. Thanks to Vicki, the yurt-space was set up with many drums to choose from.Being the first balmy evening of this year, we tried out the various drums, chose a favorite [...]

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Drumming up the Full Worm Moon in 2017

Motherhouse held our first drumming workshop in the Local Farm barn on March 12, a wintry evening, with the rise of the full Worm Moon. Thanks to intrepid drummers; Vicki, Debra, Susan, Joan, Beth, Chris, Bianca, Nancy, Pat, and Zena; for braving the 18 degree outside air and warming our new yurt-space with rhythm, fellowship, [...]

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