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farm visit etiquette

Always remember that a farm is a place of work. Walk and speak in a quiet voice. Greet the farmer when you arrive. Never feed or pet any animals without the farmers permission. Do not climb on any gates, walls, trees, stairs, hay, or equipment without explicit permission every time you visit. Leave all gates [...]

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OSLSS Being Crafty

Hand-craft holiday decorations and gifts to brighten up the shortest days of the year. A time to make festive seasonal items like  pine-cone bird feeders, repurposed baling twine wreaths and whisks, tree ornaments, hand dipped candles, etc Write lifeskills@motherhouse.us or phone 860-672-0229 for details. All our Old Style Life Skills Series workshops take place in [...]

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Homeschool Forum

Organized, on your request, our first ever Homeschooling Forum will include a panel of homeschooling parents and folks who have been/are being homeschooled, a pot-luck lunch, a presentation on book-making as a homeschoolers' tool, a brainstorming session of favorite places to go, things to do as a family and MORE! Our guest speaker, former principal [...]

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Summer Berries

Summer Berries When you see them, pick them. Don't pass by, thinking You'll be back again. There is no back again, when You see them. This poignant poetry by a former neighbor, Nick Givotovsky, reminds us to be always in the present. The wisdom of his words is weighted by knowing that Nick was killed [...]

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stinging nettles

Springtime Musings by Megan Haney of Marble Valley Farm in Kent, CT... Stinging Nettles ... as sure a sign of spring as a body could hope for Stinging nettles are one of my all-time favorite spring foods.  I learned a long time ago from the writings of herbalist Susun Weed to harvest these puppies barehanded [...]

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Earth Day Celebration

"IN COMMUNITY: WITH ONE ANOTHER AND THE EARTH" A Talk Circle with: Mary and Dan Gates, Sharon House Garden Project, Sharon, Conn. Sister Catherine Grace, Community of the Holy Spirit, Brewster, N.Y. Barbara Putnam, Transition Towns, Litchfield, Conn. Katherine Freygang, Cornwall Energy Taskforce, Cornwall, Conn. Betsy Fisher, Food of Life/Comida de Vida Pantry, Amenia Union, [...]

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2013 Calendar

January 5 Farm Camp Reunion 5 Family Contra Dance 11 New Moon Gathering 12 Slippery Slope of Soap Making 20 Motherhouse Board Meeting February 2 Family Dance 9 Big Little Kids Dance 10 New Moon Gathering 16 Cutting Edge - Tool Sharpening 23 Family Cow Forum March 2 Family Contra Dance 9 OSLSS BEEginning with [...]

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Women’s Wisdom; Sacred Agriculture

Motherhouse and Bluestone Farm invite all women to join in a full day celebration of our connection to the earth through sacred agriculture. We'll share our personal farming stories, rituals, pea planting, pot-luck lunch, drumming circle and more. Bring a Pot-Luck dish to share, your own place setting, and any non-GMO seeds you’d like to [...]

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