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Drumming Up the Full Blossom Moon in 2017

Setting intentions Drumming up the moon Feasting Blossom-filled Full Moon Salad Sending intentions downstream Thanks to Vicki for use of her drums and to all who participated in a very... Good Night!CLICK to visit our post about Drumming up April's Full Pink Moon...  

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Drumming up the Full Pink Moon in 2017

A small but mighty group of drummers met at the Local Farm barn on April 11 to celebrate the rise of the Full Pink Moon. Thanks to Vicki, the yurt-space was set up with many drums to choose from.Being the first balmy evening of this year, we tried out the various drums, chose a favorite [...]

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Drumming up the Full Worm Moon in 2017

Motherhouse held our first drumming workshop in the Local Farm barn on March 12, a wintry evening, with the rise of the full Worm Moon. Thanks to intrepid drummers; Vicki, Debra, Susan, Joan, Beth, Chris, Bianca, Nancy, Pat, and Zena; for braving the 18 degree outside air and warming our new yurt-space with rhythm, fellowship, [...]

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Board Meeting

In 2017, the Motherhouse Board of Directors will be meeting at Debra’s home for 12:00 lunch and business meeting on Saturdays; Jan 28, April 22, July 22, and Oct 28. During Board Meetings, we organize Old-Style Life Skills Series workshops, family dances, Meditation, Moon Gatherings, Eureka Farm Programs, Family Cow forums and other inspiring events [...]

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Bat Count: Help Scientists Help Bats

Join us for a bat count at the Local Farm barn in Cornwall, CT Saturday evenings; May 13, June 10, July 15, Aug 12, and Sept 9; we'll watch the evening bug zappers come out on their shift of mosquito and moth patrol. Starting with a 6:30 campfire pot-luck supper, the official watch and bat [...]

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Family Cow/Goat and Herdshare Info Forum

Mark your cowlendar and make sure there’s roominate for our Family Cow/Goat and Herdshare Info Forum on Saturday, February 27. Share stories, tails, resources, farm moos, and moore with fellow family cow and goat keepers. Herdshare bill advocates Mary Tracy and Brigitte Ruthman, will discuss new CT legislation that allows small farms to share milk [...]

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OSLSS Lasagna from the Ground Up

Build a lasagna from scratch! Starting with harvesting garden fresh herbs and tomatoes, we'll cook up a great tasting sauce. Starting with milking a cow, we'll make mozzarella and farmers cheese to add to our layers. Starting with collecting eggs and gathering stalks of wheat berries to grind into flour, we'll make our own noodles. [...]

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OSLSS Putting Food By: Pickling, Drying, Smoking

Putting food by is an old expression for the many ways people prepared their harvest for storage before we had easy refrigeration. At this workshop we'll try our hands at a few tried-and-true methods of putting food by. We'll explore ways to encourage favorable microbes to help preserve food with pickling a la lacto-fermentation. We'll [...]

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OSLSS Compost and Soil Building

Compost is one of the easiest ways to increase tilth and better how your garden grows. Build a simple compost heap and a raised garden bed using a method called "Lasagne Gardening." Discuss green manure, vermiculture, and other ways to improve soil health. Go home with your own red wriggler worms to kick-start your compost [...]

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OSLSS Bat Houses for Bug Zappers

Hurray hurray for the little brown bat! She gobbles up insects and never gets fat. Moths and mosquitoes face extermination When she swiftly detects them by echolocation. Encourage a bat colony... to hang out near your home in your own-made bat house for all organic pest control. The amazing flittermouse can eat from 600 to [...]

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