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mothercowwithcalf-1Motherhouse is dedicated to providing time, space, and guidance for mothers and their partners. It’s founding mother, Debra Tyler, runs a small raw milk dairy, Local Farm, in Cornwall, CT. Of cows and mothers, Debra says:

“I think cows are the ultimate nurturers. They teach the essence of mothering and nursing. When people come to visit Local Farm, their whole beings change as they watch my cows contentedly chewing their cud or grazing on a lush, green pasture. Their bodies relax. Their movements become slower, more deliberate, and graceful. To me, their voices sound softer, lower, deeper, fuller. Through Motherhouse, I offer this gift of peace to all mothers and their treasured charges – our children and our future.”

The programs offered at Motherhouse, as well as the opportunities to be part of the farm, are a means through which mothers can celebrate and realize the deeply spiritual work of being a mom.